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sarumi more like the most intense form of “you wanna go” with a tragic backstory 

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[Manga] K - Lost Small World - Chapter 2 [ENG]



Here’s the second chapter of Lost Small World manga! Sorry for the wait but I (Lita) went on vacation and I couldn’t scan this earlier!

translation jp-eng: misarumi

raws, cleaning and typesetting: lita

Please remember that we’re currently accepting (and needing) donations to keep buying the magazine and traslating the chapters!! every sum counts!!


Online pages are under the cut.


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mitsumurata asked :
Hey, thank you for responding to my post about Ratio, you're the only one who's actually responded :') I'm just curious if you have a source for that answer? I'd love to see it if you do, it would help a lot with my fic!

Hi! No problem, I’m glad I could help! :-) I have other pics of him with normal hands, the source for that yukata pic is here. This scan is from the Hamatora starter book or something hahaha image

As for the gloves, his wikia page states that he’s mysophobic but I’m not too sure tbh since it wasnt cited, though I know for sure he enjoys cleaning/likes cleanliness bc he’s a doctor and in the drama cd we hear him getting really pumped up about cleaning lololol, I’m sure there’s a source somewhere for the mysophobia, it’s probably an article in a magazine or something. He wears gloves literally all the time even with/without gauntlets underneath so I guess that’s a hint about his cleanliness and meticulousness :’)

Here’s something else i’ve found in regards to the gauntlets that could be useful :-) http://good7luck.tumblr.com/post/86892993930/translation-of-hamatora-newtype-feb-character-sheets    

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